Buying and Selling Full-screen Ads

We are engaged in buying web traffic for our own campaigns (building a database of push & email subscribers) and advertisers direct campaigns. We are looking for both advertising space that we could buy, we invite large publishers and advertising networks to cooperate directly with us.

If you have direct advertising campaigns that convert write to us, we will be happy to run them on our network.

We also sell traffic in RTB model, this is both traffic-back from sweepstakes and push notification landing pages. We work directly with a number of website owners and sell some of this traffic through the RTB model as well (If the rate from the auction is high enough to exceed the traffic wastage we can offer.)

We are seeking partners worldwide, from any sector that drives conversions. Our aim is to build powerful collaborations that transcend borders and industries, leveraging our collective strengths for mutual success in the dynamic world of advertising.

At, we are committed to connecting advertisers with the right audience, and publishers with the right buyers. By leveraging advanced targeting and optimization techniques, we ensure that each campaign is fine-tuned to meet specific marketing goals and objectives. Our robust platform is built on transparency, efficiency, and performance, making the go-to network for those who demand excellence in their digital advertising efforts.

We are a group of veterans / developers who have been buying and acquiring organic web traffic since 2005, generating leads and sales in every possible industry . Over the years, we have developed our own systems for monitoring traffic, preventing bots, pofiling and maximizing profit per single click.